Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My makeup Faves for September

I own so much makeup that its really hard to pick things that I love. But I do have items I call staples. Staples are items in my collection that I love and are a must have. Sometimes I own many of each item so I will never run out.

For my face I love Revlons Photo ready in Medium Beige ( yes I got tanned this You can get it at CVS or any other drug store. The reason I love it is because I get FULL coverage with it and it just melts on to my skin to make it look like im not even wearing foundation..

For my eyes im loving Rimmel sexy curves mascara. I got it at ULTA but im almost positve you can get it at any drug store..This mascara makes my eyes look so amazing as you can see in the before picture my eye lashes are pretty short

Then here is after I applied it

You cannot tell me that is not AWESOME!! lol

Since my hair is darker I like to use a bronzer instead of a blush ( sometimes) Im loving Hard candy's so baked bronzer..OMG amazing pigmentation and such a great color pay out. You can get it at walmart or by clicking here

I have soo many more favorites but I will leave it at these items for now.I hope you all try these items and you love them as much as I do

Peace love and lip gloss